Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The gals in my family have created a blog (with inspiration from a family friends idea) with recipes that we'd love to share with you all! We're also planning on inviting my mom's side of the family (hence the wiser name) to contribute recipes as well! Hope to all can check it out and enjoy! It's located on my friends list under Wiser Recipes!


Julie said...

Hey Guys! Its been forever since we've seen you or your blog!! We're so sorry to hear about everything you've been through lately! :( I hope you're on the mend though Kurtis and feeling better!!

I still can't believe you've been married a year!! You're such a cute couple!! It still seems like just yesterday we were there!! Crazy how time flies....Do you guys live in Brigham? .....Hope all continues to get better for you guys!

RickAndGina said...

So sad we missed you at dinner. Next time, k? I hope everything is good.